How to calculate the Natural gas Hydrate formation temperature Pressure?

 Gas hydrates are a well-known problem in the oil and gas industry and cost millions of dollars in production and transmission pipelines. In the oil and gas industry, gas hydrates are a serious problem in production and gas-transmission pipelines because they plug pipelines and process equipment. By applying heat, insulating the pipelines, and using chemical additives as inhibitors, we can keep the operating conditions out of the hydrate-formation region.

To prevent this problem, it is important to predict the temperature and pressure under which gas hydrates will form.

1-      Using the GPA graphs. One of the graphs is provided below 

Figure 1: Water content of natural gas. Source:  reproduction courtesy Gas Processors Association

2-      Use the Aspen hysys, Olga, .. softwares to calculate the hydrate temperature: HYSYS has a utility for hydrate formation temperature prediction for the corresponding gas composition, pressure & temperature.

3-      Use of developed correlations

        a.       The  Hammerschmidt  equation: it  is a widely accepted equation for estimating hydrate inhibitior injection rates given the hydrate depresion temperature.

       b.      More equations are provided

Please share with us any other methods.


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  1. I have made a software (named it HYD-PREDIC) which can predict the exact pipeline section prone to hydrate formation in a long sub-sea multiphase pipeline. It can take into consideration various factors like salinity of produced water in multiphase mixture, GOR, thermocline details etc. The software can be applied to horizontal as well as vertical sub-sea pipeline. The software is available as per SAAS model on website, As the website is being redesigned so data entry form features are not operational at present but are expected to be ready within 10 days time.

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